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Artist Statement

I am drawn to the personal story. In the telling of our stories, memory and remembrance intercede in our conversations, guides our affections, moves us through places we inhabit, and resides in the places we create.

My father, an airline navigator in the 1960s to '70s, settled his family for short periods of time across continents. The opportunity to trans-migrate occurred by choice, quite different than my family’s history – a story of migration out of necessity. Familial stories in the diasporic condition of the mid-twentieth century influence me greatly. These stories are ever-present, reconfigured in our current collective experience.

There are no more secrets. No experience goes unnoticed. Traces of events are ubiquitous. I photograph, film, paint, write, to affirm the relationship between the image or moving images and viewer, between place and participant. I am interested in the imperfections of silver grain, digital bytes, sound, line, language, a gesture in motion.

I am curious how we shape new contexts for our lives within the temporal and spatial condition of places we travel through such as a street, a building, or a room, and, when we pause across from one another, how a face can be an anchor, if, only, for a moment.

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